One day at a time

“When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.”

blammer - 25,f, gay. In sunny bumfuck Singapore.


Still laughing a bit at the end part “Are those giant mushrooms?” and Carmilla pushing her out of the way because creampuff I am not going to interfere with your life if you don’t want me to but I am not going to get us BOTH killed please move so I can close the window AND SAVE OUR LIVES


Part Three of Four Gin-terview with Sharon.

In this, she has allergic reactions to animals not present.

  • Sharon Belle: I'm allergic to cats.
  • Kaitlyn Alexander: Sharon. There are no cats here.


something that is getting me too is like

laura still isn’t scared of carmilla. the vampire who just had danny by the throat.

she still runs with her over to the window, she doesn’t flinch away from her at all.

and idk i just think that’s a p. good indicator of how their relationship has progressed


as painful as that episode was, i just find it funny how laura was like “look she’s nodding” because otherwise we wouldn’t know because danny’s head was out of the frame once again


who would have thought that my life would be consumed by a canadian web series on youtube thats funded by a tampons and pads company about a supernatural school where half the students are ginger and gay and a naive provincial girl thats oblivious to her whipped lesbian vampire roommate yet here we are